We can confirm that the sale of our business to British Gas has now completed. British Gas will start writing to customers from week commencing 21st September inviting them to move across.

We will be here to continue supporting our customers and to make that journey as seamless as possible.

How easy is it really to switch energy suppliers?

7th May, 2020

You may ask is this because switching is difficult? No switching is very easy and when you do go through the process of switching, you’ll be quite surprised as to how easy switching really is. Quite often, people don’t switch because they think that it’s too much trouble. As a result, many consumers are paying more for their energy then they need to.

Research shows that the average customer can save up to £250 per year* by switching their energy supplier.

Those that haven’t switched before are put off by the perceived hassle of it all. Don’t be! Switching your energy supplier is easy and really worth thinking about as you could save a lot of money in the process.

Here’s why switching is so easy:

You don’t have to manage the switching process yourself – All you need to do to switch is make a phone call or go online, and your new supplier will take it from there. For the no obligation quote best to have a copy of your recent bill handy so you know how much energy you’re using.

You won’t be charged twice – some people worry that they will be charged twice. What happens is that your old supplier will give meter readings to your new supplier on the day of the switch, so as long as you’ve provided accurate readings you won’t be paying twice. Check with your supplier if you want to be sure.

Your energy won’t be cut off – some people worry that they will be cut off. You won’t notice any change and there’s no need for workmen to visit your home to change pipes.

Your new supplier will manage everything for you, and you should be completely switched within four to six weeks. The only things you’ll need to do are:

  • Pay your final bill to your old supplier
  • Cancel any Direct Debits you have with your old supplier
  • Take a final meter reading

If you have outstanding bills or debts with your current supplier of £500 or less you can still switch suppliers. If it’s more than £500 you may not be able to switch until these are paid off. It’s best to contact your energy supplier to find out more.

With Robin Hood energy we’ll make your switching process a breeze. It only takes a few minutes and you could make savings you didn’t know you could. Think what you can spend the savings on!

See how easy switching to Robin Hood Energy really is.

*Source: OFGEM