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We will be here to continue supporting our customers and to make that journey as seamless as possible.

The Benefits Of Switching Energy Supplier

6th May, 2020

Did you know that approximately 11 million UK households are paying for their gas and electricity on expensive standard tariffs, often equating to paying hundreds of pounds more than necessary? Typically, these tariffs are with one of the Big Six energy providers. And yet 61% of people say they have never, or only once, switched energy supplier.

Robin Hood Energy was set up to give customers a better deal on energy bills. As a not for profit company, we put people first and provide an alternative to the Big Six. We believe in encouraging people to find the best energy tariff available for them, and switching suppliers can often be the best way to do that. We’ve put together this handy guide on switching energy suppliers, so you can make sure you’re paying a fair amount for the energy you use.

Benefits of switching

Most people understand that switching energy suppliers can be a great way to save money but either due to a lack of time or understanding, choose to stay on an expensive default tariff. Switching suppliers presents many benefits, and here are some of the biggest:

Save hundreds of pounds per year

That’s not an exaggeration – Ofgem, the energy regulator, estimates that consumers could save up to £320 a year by switching to a new tariff. Switching is still by far the most effective way to save money on your home energy bills, despite the recent introduction of energy price caps. Although these price caps were introduced to protect consumers, many energy suppliers have raised their prices to charge as much as they are allowed. In fact ALL of the Big Six companies are now charging the absolute maximum, meaning price hikes for millions of customers.

In just one month in 2018, over 630,000 people switched to a new energy provider and over 40% moved away from a large supplier to a smaller energy company. Switching away from the Big Six to an alternative provider like Robin Hood Energy can mean huge savings, so it’s always worth getting a quote to check how much you could save.

It’s quick and easy

The switching process is now easier than ever. Once you’ve found a tariff that suits you, simply contact your new supplier and they should carry out the switch for you. At Robin Hood Energy we make a point to handle the transition for you, meaning shorter switching times and no interruption to your energy supply. There won’t be any difference for you at all – it’s the same energy but at a cheaper price!

Your old energy supplier is not allowed to charge you a fee for switching if you are in the final 49 days of your fixed-term contract, so the process can be completely free. Even if you have to pay a fee to switch, the savings available often make it more cost-effective to pay the fee and switch sooner.

If for whatever reason you are unhappy with your new energy supplier, there will be a set ‘cooling off’ period (usually around 14 days) during which time you can easily change your mind.

More control over your energy bills

Switching suppliers is a great opportunity to get a better handle on your own finances, understanding your energy payments to make sure you are getting the best deal for you. Have a look at the tariffs on offer from smaller energy companies, as these tend to be far better value for money. Our not-for-profit model at Robin Hood Energy means we’re able to keep prices low and pass those savings onto our customers. Plus our bills are easy to read and help you to understand exactly what you’re paying for.

Better customer service

Other than expensive prices, poor customer service is one of the main reasons customers cite for switching away from their old energy supplier. This is often the case for people who have been treated poorly by one of the Big Six and are looking for a new provider that offers a better customer experience. Robin Hood Energy is proud to deliver high quality customer service that puts people over profits, resulting in consistently positive ratings on review sites.

Switch to greener energy

More and more people are becoming conscious of their energy usage and its effect on the planet, so switching suppliers for environmental reasons is completely valid. Many energy companies now offer entirely green tariffs, including Robin Hood Energy’s green tariffs. We source all of our green energy from UK based wind and solar generators, meaning you get a great deal and help to save the planet at the same time!

Switching fears & misconceptions

There are lots of misconceptions around the notion of switching energy providers, so we’re here to set the record straight and clear up a few myths.

Switching is a difficult process

Many people find the idea of switching energy providers to be quite daunting, often due to negative experiences with their current provider. But when you switch, the entire process is handled by the new supplier so there’s no need for you to spend hours on hold with a company that has treated you poorly.

Costs going up

Another fear that many people have is the prospect of costs going up after entering a new contract. Some suppliers do charge their existing customers more over time to subsidise cheap tariffs for new customers. Unfortunately, this is unsustainable and these costs will eventually be passed onto you anyway.

However, at Robin Hood Energy we don’t think it’s fair to take advantage of our loyal customers. Instead we reward them by making a point of charging our existing customers the same as our new customers. So no matter how long you’ve been with us, you’ll always be offered the most competitive price available.

Energy getting cut off

Some people worry that when they switch energy suppliers, there will be a period of time during which they won’t receive any gas or electricity. This is simply not true – you won’t notice any difference in your energy supply and there is no need for a workforce to do any work on your property.

Being charged twice

This is another misconception that often puts people off switching energy suppliers. If you have provided accurate meter readings to your old supplier then there is no reason for you to be charged twice – the old supplier will then give meter readings to the new supplier on the day of the switch, so there is no reason to generate two bills.

How to switch

You’ll need to know a few pieces of information before starting the switching process, to make sure you get an accurate comparison between your existing tariff and the others that are available:

  • Your postcode
  • The name of your current energy supplier
  • The name of your current tariff, and whether it’s fixed or variable
  • What type of meter you have

Once you know these details, you’ll be able to get accurate quotes direct from suppliers or using comparison sites. When you’ve found a tariff you’d like to switch to, you simply notify the new provider that you’d like to switch to their tariff and they will handle the rest of the switching process.

Get a quote

Get a quote online today to see how much you could save with Robin Hood Energy. Or why not give our friendly home energy advisors a call on 0800 030 4567. They’re here to help you find the best tariff and are available from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 5pm on Saturday.