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We continue to make Nottingham greener by planting another 27 Oak trees!

23rd April, 2020

Our ‘green Nottingham’ Oak Tree campaign is well on its way. Another week and another 27 trees planted at 4 local schools; Nottingham Girls Academy, Glenbrook Primary School, Henry Whipple Primary School and Bluecoat Primary Academy.

We started the week with a visit to Nottingham Girls Academy, on October the 7th, where their team of Eco Warriors planted 4 trees and educated us on a piece of history about the famous Sherwood Forest. Head of Science, Andy Marshall said that “Nottingham Girls Academy’s team of Eco Warriors were very excited to help Robin Hood plant oak trees in Robins Wood! Situated at the back of the school, Robins Wood, according to locals, is the last remaining piece of ancient Sherwood Forest within the City boundary. We’re all really honoured to play a part in its continued survival.”

Glenbrook Primary school was our second stop, their pupils really enjoyed planting the trees and were extremely excited to meet their local hero Robin Hood. We donated 10 trees and the pupils had a blast planting them. One Glenbrook pupil said “I enjoyed planting the trees. I want to come back to school in ten years and see how big they are.”

Deputy Head Teacher, Victoria Cairns has a clear vision for the Glenbrook Primary school grounds, “At Glenbrook, we encourage all our children to be Eco-friendly and care for our environment and our world. The children strive to reuse, reduce and recycle. Our vision is life long and is starting at the roots. Undergoing an Eco change is a grand challenge, but one we are well underway with.”

“Our forest school area is under development and the planting of the oak trees is almost the first step with this. We currently have Eco-warriors within the school and every pupil leadership group has a voice for the school environment and beyond.”

“We are also developing our inside environment to mirror the outside. A long term aim is to create allotments where children can grow vegetables and care for wildlife. To coincide with this another development will be the creation of a meadow where wildlife can thrive.” We hope that the trees we donated will help towards realising Glenbrooks forest school vision.

The children are also aware of the benefits the trees will have for their environment. A Glenbrook pupil said “We are making a difference by providing oxygen. Planting trees helps to save the planet.” But the response of the week goes to the Glenbrook pupil who said that “this is the best school day ever.” This was easily the best workday ever too!

Teaching Assistant, Zoe Chambers said that they “had a great afternoon planting our three new Oaks trees ready for the next generation of pupils to enjoy at Henry Whipple School. We are planning to monitor their progress over the next few years in our forest school area. Thank you to Robin Hood Energy for our trees.”

Our next stop was Henry Whipple School who took 3 trees. They already have a fantastic forest school area where the pupils learn about wildlife. The children brought their own spades and were expert diggers.

The final destination from last week was at the Bluecoat Primary Academy. Both Year 2 classes; Hummingbirds and Kingfishers have been learning all about Robin Hood this half term, so it was perfect timing for Robin Hood to visit and tell them all about his history and the importance of the environment.

Mrs Ponty, Puffins Teacher explained that the children “returned from the summer holidays to find somebody had built a forest den in our classroom. The clues indicated that it was Robin Hood. Since then, we’ve been finding out about what RH looked like and what type of person he was. We’ve taken a trip into the past to learn about medieval times and next half term, we will be studying Robin Hood’s home Sherwood Forest and trying to answer the question ‘was he a hero or a villain?” We hope they come to the same conclusion as us, that Robin Hood was definitely a hero.

The pupils then went on to plant 10 trees with their local hero, who they had plenty of questions for. Needless to say they enjoyed the day and we’re sure it’s one that will live long in their memory. Below are some of the best comments from Puffins Class:

“I like planting the trees, I can’t wait until they grow!” Salvatore

“Planting the trees was fun and we even watered them.” Doro

“I loved it when Robin Hood answered our questions!” Olivia

“I liked it when Robin Hood gave me a thumbs up.” Stevie-Ann

“I loved it when we dug up the ground to plant the trees” Isaac

In the space of just 2 weeks (30th September – 12th October), we have donated over 50 trees to local schools and community groups. We are extremely pleased with the response we have had from our local community and are proud to be from a city that truly cares about its environment.

However, we aren’t done there, with plenty more visits ahead and much more we can all do to help Nottingham become the first carbon-neutral city in the UK by 2028.